Football Skills

We have really enjoyed learning some football skills in PE this term. We are so much more confident at dribbling the ball, using the side of our foot and we have scored lots of goals too!

Have a brilliant weekend. See you all on Monday all dressed in Wedding outfits we cant wait to see them!



Bees and Butterflies

This week we have been learning all about how bees make honey. We tasted some delicious honey and then made sandwiches with it. We talked all about bee hives and how hexagons can tessellate to make the honeycomb. We were also really excited to release our butterflies outside, although we were really sad to see them go we were happy to set them free on their butterfly adventure.



Family Art Morning

Thank you all for coming to join in with the fun on our family art morning! It was so lovely to see so many of you and the children absolutely loved it!  The collages, clay models and prints look amazing and we are looking forward to displaying them when they are dry!  We hope you enjoy the photos!

Down at the Bottom of the Garden

Welcome Back! We hope you all had lovely, restful Easter Holidays 🙂 It has been so lovely to have the children back in school, full of beans and ready to learn!

Reception are really excited to have started their new theme ‘Down at the Bottom of the Garden’, just in time for the sunshine! We will be doing lots of planting and gardening, as well as looking at the life cycles of different insects. We have all got caterpillars in our classrooms which we will watch grow and change, until we can release the butterflies when they eventually emerge from their cocoons. We are really looking forward to our Parents Art Day on Monday 30th May, where we will be getting messy doing lots of different crafts. We will also be having a visit from Asda, who will be bringing in lots of different fruits and seeds for us to taste! The children have really enjoyed playing in their new ‘Garden Centre’ role plays, putting in to practice everything that they have learnt about money this week……. we hope you enjoy the photos!

Thank you all so much for sending your children in so quickly with their flower pots, seeds and pebbles, you were all really generous and the children have already put them to good use.

Have a lovely weekend 🙂

Easter Fun!

Reception have had so much fun this week doing lots of Easter activities! We have made delicious chocolate Easter cakes, had an Easter egg hunt and made Easter baskets and hats. The children LOVED taking part in the ‘Bunny Bounce’ on Wednesday and were really proud of their certificates – we couldn’t believe that some of the children managed to do over 100 bounces in 1 minute!!

Thank you again to everyone who came to our parents assembly on Monday! The children really did themselves proud when they performed the stories that they had learnt. The children are growing in confidence every day and really enjoyed having the opportunity to show off how clever they are. Well done Reception!

WOW! The children were so amazing when they performed their song ‘Roar’ in our whole school singing assembly this afternoon! What a super way to end, a very busy but fabulous term!

We are so proud of you Reception…….have a lovely Easter Holiday!

We look forward to welcoming the children back in a couple of weeks

and starting our new topic, ‘Down at the Bottom of the Garden’.

Forest School

The children have loved going back to Forest School this term. They have enjoyed exploring their outdoor classroom, noticing the changes that each new season brings. The children have become so much more confident and it has been amazing to see different sides of their personalities and how they respond to each new experience 🙂


Maths- Part-Part-Whole

This week in Maths we were so amazed with how clever the children were at finding different parts to make a whole. The children chose a number and then had to find two smaller numbers that could be joined together to make the whole number. For example the whole number could be 7 and the parts would be  3 and 4, 2 and 5, 1 and 6. We then made it even more difficult when we took the whole number away and give them 2 parts. As you can see from the pictures we are so proud of ourselves for understanding this tricky concept.


Telling the Time

This week we have been learning all about time! We have sequenced our school day and talked about key times, for example lunch time is at 12 o’clock. We had fun completing ‘minute challenges’ and using mathematical vocabulary linked to time like minutes, seconds, hours, later, next, earlier, tomorrow, yesterday. We played ‘What’s the time Mr Wolf’ and talked about o’clock times. The children enjoyed making watches and asking each other what the time was.