World Explorers- India

This week we have explored India, we have made some spice paint to create Tahj Mahal pictures. In Literacy we wrote descriptions about some of the animals that live in India.

We tasted popadoms with mango chutney and raita. They were delicious!

Look at us making some Diya lamps which are used during Diwali. We used red clay and had to have strong fingers to mould it into the correct shape. We enjoyed using lots of tools to make beautiful patterns. We are looking forward to painting them ready to take home.



World Explorers- France- Cheese Tasting

This week we have been learning about all things French! ooh lala!

After discussing French cuisine we had the opportunity to try lots of different cheeses and some delicious French stick. We used our 5 senses to think about how each cheese was different. We shared our thoughts and favourites with our friends and were really proud of ourselves for trying something new.

Some of our reactions were extreme…

Enjoy the photos as much as we have!

World Explorers – England

We started our brilliant new topic ‘World Explorers’ learning about our own country, England. We have been so busy learning lots of facts about England, including, London, landmarks, The Royal Family, traditional English food and currency and English animals. We had so much fun baking our own scones in the school kitchen and then enjoyed a delicious cream tea with our friends. We enjoyed choosing whether to put our jam or cream on first! We really talked a lot about manners and table etiquette (licking the napkins was an exception to this!). The children LOVED having a cup of tea, and felt very grown up. We had a couple of requests for coffee but unfortunately it wasn’t on the menu!

We can’t wait to fly to Australia next week……..we wonder what exciting things we will learn?!

Nativity and Christmas Lunch

Well done to all the Reception children who performed in our ‘Wriggly Nativity’ this week. You did so well and we are so proud! Thank you all for coming to support your children, we hope you enjoyed it!

Today we enjoyed our Christmas lunch. The children got festive, popping crackers and singing along to Christmas songs while they ate their yummy dinner.

We hope you have a lovely weekend and a very Merry Christmas.

Only one more week to go!


Police Horses

We were so lucky because on Wednesday two Police Horses came to visit us, they were called Teddington and Barton! They arrived in a huge van and had to walk down a steep ramp to get out! The horses were so calm and we all got to stroke their noses. Even though we loved the horses, the horse poo in the playground was definitely a highlight! The police officers answered all of  our questions, telling us all about their jobs. Did you know police horses help make the police seem approachable, and so help them talk to people when they are out and about! We learnt that police officers don’t just deal with the ‘baddies’, they are there to help us when we need them too.

Tomorrow we get to meet some more police officers that may even bring their riot vans. You will be able to hear all about that on Friday.


Fire Fire Fire

We started this week with a BANG the firemen came in to visit us. We had a talk about the role of a fire-fighter, and what we would need to be good at so we could be fire-fighters one day. After that we got to go into the fire engine and try on the equipment and then play with the water hose, even trying to squirt our teachers!

We have learnt even more sounds this week, and have even been writing short captions in our books. Our Christmas play practise is well under way and we cant wait to show you.

Have a lovely restful weekend, I know the reception staff will be 🙂